Store Departments



Besides to carrying most essential national name brands, La Tapatía Market also offers hard to find brands imported from Mexico, Central and South America. Our offerings feature a large variety of Mexican and Latin American goods such as tortillas, spices, sauces, rice, beans, sodas and many other grocery items you would find useful to prepare your traditional homemade meals.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood


If are looking for fresh fish, exquisite meat, or tasty poultry then La Tapatía Market is definitely the place. Our meat counters offer a fine selection of fresh products that include beef, chicken, pork chops, fish, shrimp and others from our great array of seafood selection. To continue with our commitment to provide quality products, we offer Harris Ranch Natural Beef as well as other high quality brands. All of our meat is hand-sliced in order to preserve the freshness of our products. We welcome you to try our marinated meats and tender chops, both perfect for Carne Asadas. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about our meat selections.



La Tapatía Market operates with a tradition of high quality products and our produce department is no exception. The variety, freshness and quality of produce at our stores is simply second to none. When you come into our produce section you will find the highest quality of fruits and vegetables along with other everyday hard-to-find items at prices you won't be able to find anywhere else. Our vegetables and fruits are both locally grown and imported. Inside our stores you will find seasonal and holiday must-haves such as pumpkin, dried chilies, and special spices to meet your meal preparation needs.

Money Services


Located at our customer service booth we also offer money services including check cashing, bill pay, money orders, and money wiring through Orlandi Valuta, Western Union, Reymesa, Ria, and Viamerica for our customer’s convenience.



We carry a massive selection of specialty cheeses and creams.



In order to guarantee the best quality in pan dulce or sweet bread, La Tapatia Market operates its own bakery. Using only the freshest and best ingredients, our bread and other baked goods are produced fresh daily. La Tapatia bakers are well trained and use their many years of experience to deliver the most delicious pan dulce you can have. Our bakery offerings include the famous conchas, orejas, cuernitos, and many others. You will also find bolillo, muffins, empanadas, and all sorts of delicious cookies.